Born 1985, Baltimore, Maryland.

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Kandis Williams produces large-scale black and white collages that track a deeply personal on-going exploration of racial-nationalism, authority, eroticism, magic and violence. For her show as New Capital’s first artist in residence, Williams takes the recent Tanzanian folk conviction that the arms and legs of albinos can be used in magic potions, and weaves copies of a documentary photograph of a severed Tanzanian albino arm into intricate and hypnotic lattice structures.

Using collage as a deliberately hideous metaphor for violence, these repetitive and idiosyncratic nets, formed from specific incidents of sociological chaos, are set against monochromatic gradients, suggestive of deep space and the occurrence of these incidents over time, compounding the horror and fascination with both physical and ideological difference. Williams implicates both herself and the audience in the intoxication of commodity-fetishism, dramatizing the mind’s struggle for truth in moral judgment.






Pane Per Poveri. Venice Biennale 2015. Atelier Douglass Gordon. Venice, Italy.

Stains in the Cowshed. Installation and panel discussion. Neu West Berlin.

The Mistress Project. 68 Projects. Berlin.

Public Rehearsal. Performance with Wojciech Kosmas. Schinkel Pavillion. Berlin.

The Truth about Everything. Erratum Galerie. Berlin.

KIK Four. Kino International Kunst #4: curated by Amir Fattal. Berlin.



NADA Miami. Paul Heyer, Mira Dancy, Rose Marcus, Kandis Williams, Zachary Armstrong, Augustus Thompson. Night Gallery Booth. Miami.

Person, Place, Thing: Works on Paper. 68 Projects. Berlin.

The Oracle. Ruby Neri, Kandis Williams, Khalil Joseph, and Henry Taylor. The Underground Museum. Los Angeles.

Paramount Ranch Art Fair. Samara Golden, Leidy Churchman, Kandis Williams, Philippe De Sablet, Phil Davis, JPW3, Christine Wang, Mark A. Rodriguez, Cameron Crone, Aaron Wrinkle and John Seal. Night Gallery booth. Los Angeles.



XOXO. Cara Benedetto, Anne Collier, Kandis Williams, Rachel Rose, Alika Cooper, Jennifer Boysen, Josephine Pryde, Shannon Ebner, Davina Semo, Erika Vogt, Sara VanDerBeek, Natalie Czech. Night Gallery. Los Angeles.

NOTEMPLE. Tobias Bernstrup, Marc Charpentier MCPM, Kristin Eketoft, Vassilis H, HOPE, Miltos Manetas, Anthimos Ntagkas + Atopos cvc, Nikos Paleologos, Spyros Staveris, Palle Torsson, Kon Trubkovich, Kandis Williams. The Breeder Systems. Athens, Greece.

Indulgence. Penny Rafferty, Benjamin Spalding, and Kandis Williams. The Gym: Curated by Ben Spaulding. Berlin.

DRAFT URBANISM. Biennial of the Americas: Absolute Vitality, Julieta Aranda, Gustavo Artigas, Sofia Borges, Pia Camil, Corina Copp, Denver Beer Co., Douglas Coupland, Simon Critchley, Ricardo Domeneck, Jeromie Dorrance, Travis Egedy, Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena, James Franco, Cyprien Gaillard, Liam Gillick, Daniel Jackson, Jason Lazarus, June14 (Sam Chermayeff, Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge), Suwon Lee, Laurel Nakadate, Tom Noel, Dmitri Obergfell, Jennifer Osborne, Giandomenico Tonatiuh Pellizzi, Pezo von Ellrichshausen (Mauricio Pezo, Sofia von Ellrichshausen), plan:b (Federico Mesa, Felipe Mesa), Jon Rafman, Zach Reini, Steve Rowell, Isabella Rozendaal, Kate Sansom, Alex Schweder, Jeremy Shaw, Michael Snow, Timur Si-Qin, Erdem TaƟdelen, Amalia Ulman, Kandis Williams, David Zink Yi, and Mario Zoots. Biennial of the Americas. Denver.

Lover’s Issue. Upon Paper magazine: Peter Adamski, Kate Bellm & Edgar Lopez, Larry Clark, James Franco, James Gallagher, Bill Henson, Claire Kurylwoski, Matt Lambert, Philip Loersch, Jordan Tiberio, Camille Vivier, Gavin Watson und Kandis Williams. Berlin.

The Unknown. Carl Diehl, Kristen Gallerneaux, Adam Nelson, Christopher Richmond, Vabianna Santos. San Diego.

Kandis Williams. San Diego Space for Art. San Diego.



One Day At A Time. Brent Wadden, Kandis Williams, Mark Hagen, Scott Olson, Brendan Lynch, Hope Atherton And Joe Bradley. Curated by Javier Peres. Peres Projects Mitte. Berlin.

Data Trash. Nathan Azhderian, Gretchen Bender, Lizzi Bougatsos, Jim Brittingham, Sean Dack, David Deutsch, Matt Ducklo, Valie Export, Shane Hope, Devin Kenny, Josh Kline, Erin Knutson, Justin Lieberman, Ken Lum, Marlene McCarty, Walter Robinson, Saki Sato, Kiki Seror, Josh Tonsfeldt, Phil Vanderhyden, Kandis Williams. Curated by Chris Dorland. I-20 Gallery. New York

Art Brussels. Marinella Senatore, Kandis Williams, Leo Gabin, Kirstine Roepstorff, Joe Bradley, Dorothy Iannone. Peres Projects. Belgium.



Jen Osbourne/ Kandis Williams. Iko Iko. Torstrasse 95. Berlin.

James Brittingham/ Kandis Williams. Why Don't You Do Right. Kunstraum Cafe Warschau. Berlin.



New Catalogue/ Kandis Williams. New Capital Projects. Chicago.

Tape Modern no. 13. Guillaume Airiaud, Maxime Ballesteros, Patrick Cierpka, Dominique Faix, Will Handley, Marcus Knupp, Alexa Kreissl, Roman Kutzowitz, Melanie Manchot, Nik Nowak, Anton Stoianov, Tulip Enterprise, Ulrich Vogl, Kandis Williams, Christopher Winter. Tape Modern. Berlin.

Grid of Life and selected Flat File Works. Gert-Jan Akerboom, Vanina Feldsztein, Caitlin Maisley, Erik Parra, Anna Polashenski, and Kandis Williams. curated by Jesi Khadivi. Golden Parachutes. Berlin.





Red Square. Works on paper. OTTOZOO Project. Milan.



The Vesica Dialectic. Ficken 3000. Berlin.




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