Signal, Sound and Silence: an Emancipated DJ set by DJ MKF, DangelxxX, and Ashiq Khondker

Curated by Kandis Williams



Presented at SPEKTRUM Berlin

July 30th, 7pm-Midnight
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In a darkened room, three Berlin based DJ/sound artists will manipulate the sound of the environment to create a salient architecture and guided listening experience. Tapping imperceptible audio frequencies, internal body recordings, and synthesized sound to crush and re-materialize the disparate noises of performer, audience, and space.


Conjuring the idea of structured fiction and fantasy and remaining in between; catalyzing.


This sonic experience attempts to sculpt meaning through resampling audio waves equilaterally.

In the process, mapping and capturing the chasm between organic and synthesized sounds to extract and question the evocative side of music.


In the tradition of musique concrete and John Cage; DangelxxX, MFK, and Khondker experiment within their personal listening technologies to sharpen and blur shifting definitions of music and noise. A three hour collaborative performance constructing audible shapes and emotional grids, expanding chance and silence as sites for conceptual sound composition in and out of the readily audible realms.


DangelxxX uses her intuitive practice to shroud recordings of her body, birthing these biological sounds into morpho-rhythmic structures touching on song.  

DJ MFK uses room inspired frequency selection to integrate the intentional and unintentional into an architecture of white noise and sine tones.

Ashiq Khondker finds evocative synth waves to amplify experienced sounds




Dangelxxx is a Los Angeles based Sound Artist and DJ. She was born in Santiago, Chile and is mostly based in LA. She has developed her sound research out of her aesthetic interest in animation. She has graced DJ Booths with LA based Fade to Mind collective and is now DJing with the Janus crew at the new Boohoo parties in Berlin.


Koen Nutters, DJ MFK  is a Bassist, composer and founding member of the now defunct N-Collective, the concert series DNK-Amsterdam and bands such as The Pitch, Ensemble Konzert Minimal and The New Silence. He lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam. His work can be found at,,, Koen has worked with B:lab, Konzert Minimal, Mayas • Nutters • Olsen • Galvez, Office-r(4), Office-r(5) Extended,Office-R(6), Pitch Extended, The, Pitch, The (2), TAPE THAT

Ashiq Khondker is a forrest gump about the creative world, like where's waldo in the art fair circuit. He should write more, but he’s absorbing it all until his closet artist self has got enough ammo.

The show was covered by Berlin Art Link


Menstruation is the periodic discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina.

This monthly feminine cycle has been firmly situated in cultures both ancient and modern as a supreme taboo, generating as many rituals to honor as to quarantine women at the time of their period. Ancient Egyptians considered menstrual blood to have healing effects, producing medication for women from the blood. In 2005, in Nepal, the Supreme Court abolished the practice of keeping women in cow-sheds during menstruation. In 2015, Instagram banned several photos uploaded by poet Rupi Kaur documenting her menstruation. Given the contemporary attitude of ambiguity towards menstruation, we will try to illicit an open dialogue about the myths, fallacies and celebrations of our blood.

Curated by Kandis Williams and produced by Neu West Berlin, the show invited ten female artists and creators to investigate this taboo and create an individual work or workshop using Metaformic myths and personal experiences during a two day exploration of the sacred shared space between life and death.

Exhibition opening: Friday, May 22nd from 17 Uhr - 20 Uhr.
Workshops: Saturday May 23rd from 11 Uhr - 18 Uhr. 

Let us bleed.



Daniela Anastassiou
is a Los Angeles based Sound Artist and DJ. She was born in Santiago, Chile and has developed her sound research out of her aesthetic interest in animation. 

Aline Baiana Cavalcanti 
is an artist and activist based in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. She is currently studying at Parque Lage school, where her work continues to develop a poetic line between social spaces, bodies, and the environments that link them. 

Jessie Holmes 
is from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada living and working in Berlin. She received her B.F.A from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2005, and Studied in Frankfurt am Main at the Städelschule under Douglas Gordon 2013-2015. Holmes works with writing, audio recordings, video/film and objects. She uses these mediums to look at liminal spaces between public lives and private spaces and private selves in public space to understand points of communication relevant to the human condition. Through a cinematic structure, her interest is in looking at the notion of ‘realities’ or ‘real life’; conflicting perspectives, unexplained actions, and ambiguous departures, captured as experienced.

Yunuen Rhi
Is rooted in Turtle Island (Mexico and US) and Korea, as well as recently tying in Berlin and Beijing into the equation. She is an instructor of Baguazhang (Daoist internal martial arts) and healer. She works for Native American organizations and projects in Mexico and Southwest US to protect and revitalize native,seeds wisdom and lands She incorporates a mix of traditional medicines, native epistemologies and queer colored feminisms into her performative living.

Natasja Loutchko
went to Cunt College and recently got a MiesterSchule hat from Camel Toe Fellowship at LesbiHonest University, where she will eat pussy in 2015.

Inez König
is a Berlin based autodidact filmmaker, DJ and producer. Born 1988 in Hamburg she has found her creative output in various disciplines and fields from a very young age. She got her first period at 14.

Kate Mullan (Singer)
is a sister and a wife and has sister-wife hair (long, limpid, dishwater blonde). She teaches high school math in Austin, Texas, and doesn't write as often as she should. Periodically she performs non-erotic stories about sex. Meticulous sentence construction is her main strength as a writer.

Sophia Park
is a metal and performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She zeros in on themes of societal constructs through works that usually alter or restrict the human body. She is a member of the Baltimore based art collective Dazzlestorm which has been featured in the City Paper and has installed and performed at Artscape and Transmodern Festival for 3 consecutive years. Most recently, she has exhibited/performed at Stream Gallery (NY), Otion Front (NY), Trans Pecos (NY), and Zones Performance Festival (MIA).

Marcella Watson
is a Desert Rat who hails from Tucson, Arizona. She is graphic/illustrative tattoo artist and currently based in Berlin - inking fools left and right at B52 Tattoo Studio, Schöneberg. 

Kandis Williams is an artist, curator, and professional surfer of crimson waves.


Curated by Kandis Williams for HVW8 BERLIN

Opening: 21 November 2014, 7pm-10pm

Location: Linienstraße 161, Berlin Mitte 10115

At HVW8 BERLIN, Rein Vollenga presented a series of limited edition collaboration T-shirts, playing with incorporating images of his work into wearable commercial objects. Alongside the release of this collaboration, Rein presented a selection of his wearables to put on display at HVW8 Berlin until December 10th.

About Rein:
Born 1979 in Geldrop, The Netherlands, Vollenga is a Dutch sculptor living and working in Berlin within the parallel universes of fashion and art. His work has been shown at Le Louvre, Paris, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Kunsthall Oslo, Museums Quartier, Vienna as well as various smaller galleries amongs other places. His wearable sculptures have appeared on catwalks in London and Paris, in the collections of designers KTZ and Mugler as well as the Arnhem Fashion Bi-annual and as special commissions for music and dance performers Lady Gaga, Hercules & Love Affair, K-pop group 2NE1, choreographer Damien Jalet, and many more. The pieces have also been featured in magazines Vogue Italia, Dazed, i-D, Interview, Purple, Frieze magazine (d/e edition).


Photos of Exhibition Here

Co-Curated with Ben Foch for Black Paper

Opening:  June 19, 2014,  6pm-9pm
Location: 8040 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA. 90048

META_MORPH_ISIS is an exhibition about the body and figuration within western contemporaneity. 

It seems naïve today that by not producing a commodifiable art object one could insolate and protect themselves from the market. To believe that this brand of marketable intellectualism could not at the same time be oppressive in relation to class, race, gender and/or sexual orientation, regardless of it’s superior moral position in relation to the market is also naïve. For all the formal and artistic progress Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt and Carl Andre made in the narrative of Late Modernism, their work continues to re-enforce hetero-patriarchal structures that oppresses the majority of society, perpetuating this dominance at a profit.

Many questions emerge. Is it possible to participate and not be complicit and contradictory? Is it possible to heal one wound without re-opening another in regards to race, class, gender and sexual orientation? Is art fundamentally oppressive? At the end of the day, is market recognition not the core of viability in terms of having your ideas permeate and effect discourse, yet leaving at least the base remainder of economic oppression, therefore failing at class healing, whatever your content? Does “end justifies the means” logic really hold up? Is not participating merely escapist, keeping your proverbial head in the sand?

When Gregor awakes to find his body transformed into a large insect his experience was confusing and traumatic. He attempts to adjust to his new condition but finds himself a burden to his family and by extension society. The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka's novella published in 1915 foreshadows Dada, Surrealism and the absurd and became paradigmatic of the 20th century. 
If Gregor were to awake in the 21st century, we can imagine him confronted with a very different landscape of increased tolerance and acceptance. His family might work with him to adapt and incorporate his new form. They might find his transformation beautiful, even exciting! 
We are in an intense process of liberation and new freedom. Social progress is quickly advancing leaving a cusp generation confronted with the confusion of wounds healing. As scars vanish a passive trauma will wave over the next generation. Total individuation will be the new necessity. With increased social exchange and exposure, progress and tolerance will bare two-fold, the fruits of freedom on the one hand but the burden of this freedom on the other. A concept originally proposed by Erich Fromm in "Escape From Freedom" (1941) where the potential for achievement is placed on the individual based on a theoretical (albeit improbable) possibility, gives rise to a uniquely American experience and anxiety that requires re-examination today.
Globalization continues to deliver it's promises with increasing polarization, creating an atmosphere where distinctions appear to not exist as hierarchy is experienced with increased intensity. Eco-consciousness and equal rights awareness is contrasted with corporate privatization and big data, the Age of Aquarius with A New World Order.

META_MORPH_ISIS looks at a generation of artists emerging within the first decade of the 21st century that have had an opportunity to digest and sublimate entire histories into a more complex and well rounded ethos.  Our social, political and economic environments are now more willing to accept a diversity of experiences as legitimate alternatives to the rigid and isolating discourses of the last four decades of the 20th century could allow. Presented is a group of artists from diverse backgrounds exploring the impact the contemporary environment has on the body physically, psychologically, temporally and spatially. Through process and/or representation, each artists in the exhibition uses the body as site for creative inquiry reflecting on a moment defined as post-everything while acknowledging the divides yet to be bridged.

Black Paper is a constantly evolving platform for project based aesthetic collaborations. Newly transplanted to Los Angeles from Accra, Ghana, Nicola Knight is the founding member of Black Paper, focused on producing curated art exhibitions and commissioning works from international artists, writers and curators that bring African artists, their aesthetics, and politics into a fresh contemporary dialog.